FM WhatsApp Latest Version Download (2024 Updated)

WhatsApp is a part of our lives and most of us communicate via WhatsApp in our day-to-day life. From educational to organizational conversations, WhatsApp is rapidly being used. Undoubtedly, over the years, with each update, developers have made sure to add features that make WhatsApp more user-friendly.

Despite everything, WhatsApp has some limitations that hamper customer experience. To offer an ultimate customer experience, different modified versions of WhatsApp have been launched and one of them is FM WhatsApp. This modified version offers extended features like better privacy controls, DND mode, customization options and multiple themes that make it a top choice for customers. This version is developed by a third-party and needs to be downloaded from third-party websites only. It is not available on official app stores.

Introduction To FM WhatsApp Apk

WhatsApp FM is an enhanced version of the official WhatsApp application, offering additional features to increase customer engagement. The application is developed by a third party to enhance user experience by adding exciting features like privacy features, customization options and security features which are not available in the official application.

This modified version of WhatsApp is available only for Android and can be downloaded as an apk file. However, note that this is a third-party application and may pose threats and risks. Therefore, it is recommended to download WhatsApp FM from a trusted source only.

Important Features Of WhatsApp FM Apk

Features Of FM Whatsapp

If you are wondering what makes FM WhatsApp APK different from the original WhatsApp application, we have compiled a list of interesting features that the modified version has to offer.

Some differentiating features of Fmwhatsapp include:

Media Sharing

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can only send 30 files in one go whereas, FM WhatsApp allows you to send more than 100 photos with a single click. The modified version also allows you to send audio files of up to 100 MB with a single click. Other than this, on the official application, you can only post a status video of 30 seconds duration but with FmwhatsApp, you can post a 7-minute video status.


One of the most interesting things about FM WhatsApp apk is that it offers extensive customization. You can now install personalized themes, styles, and fonts and change the whole interface of chats. From changing the chat background to changing the font that you like, you get a lot of customization options in Fmwhatsapp.

Advanced Privacy Settings

FM WhatsApp understands the value of privacy and ensures to keep your privacy intact. It offers advanced privacy settings like hiding online status, disabling blue ticks and hiding the typing status as well. This allows you to control who can see that you are active on the application.

Support Multiple Accounts

Official WhatsApp allows you to run one account at a time whereas, FM WhatsApp allows you to run more than one account at the same time on the same phone. This feature is beneficial for those users who wish to keep their professional and personal communications separate without any hassle.

Hide Status View

The hide status view feature of WhatsApp FM allows you to view the status of your contacts without letting them know. This feature is quite useful for those who want to browse without being noticed but can be alarming at the same time because of the ethical risks involved.

Anti-delete Messages

Another interesting feature of FM WhatsApp apk is the anti-delete messages feature. With this feature, you can now see messages/statuses that the other user has deleted. This is not possible in official WhatsApp as it deletes the message or status from the server directly.

Freeze Last Seen

When you hide your last seen in the official WhatsApp application, you can not see the last seen of other users as well. However, with Fmwhatsapp, you can now see the last seen of other users even if you hide yours. At the same time, you can set your last seen or say, freeze it and still use the application.

Disable Forward Tag

While forwarding a message, you often see a “forwarded” tag on the message in official WhatsApp. To send it as your original message, you need to type the message. You can now disable the forwarded tag in WhatsApp fm and no one will know that you have sent a forwarding message.

Additional Features Of FM WhatsApp’s Latest Version

Apart from the features mentioned above, here are some additional features of WhatsApp Fm mod apk that make it a suitable choice for all:

  • You can pin a specific chat for easy accessibility.
  • Hide your typing and record status.
  • It allows you to share large-sized files and images.
  • You can disable the blue tick.
  • The anti-revoke function can be used.
  • A broadcast messaging feature is also available.
  • You can share images in high resolution.
  • Anti-ban feature is also available.

Specifications Of FM WhatsApp Latest Version

As we have mentioned, this modified version of the WhatsApp application provides better features, enhancing the overall experience of users. Before downloading the application, it is important to know the specifications of the application to ensure you have enough space on your phone.

Check out the specifications of the application below:

App Name FM WhatsApp
Size 70 MB
Version V9.80
Operating System Android
Requirement Android 5.1+


FM WhatsApp Download and Installation Process

Download FM Whatsapp

The process to download and install FM WhatsApp latest version is simple but not quite straightforward. Here is a complete step-by-step process that you have to follow to download the application without any issues.

  • To enable download from unknown sources, go to “settings” on your Android device. Tap on the “privacy” or “security” option.
  • Click on the “Unknown sources” option. This will help you download applications from unknown sources rather than the official website or app stores.
  • Find a Download Button Below to download the FM Whatsapp app on your phone.
  • Click on the download option and wait for it to complete.
  • Now, click on the downloaded file and when a pop-up for permissions appears, check the same and allow.
  • After this, a one-time verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the same to verify your number.
  • Finally, the initial setup is done. You can now start customizing your application as per your requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp Apk

By now you must be aware of all the features that WhatsApp FM offers you over the official WhatsApp application. If you are still confused about whether you should download FM WhatsApp or not, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the application to help you make a better decision.


  • The advanced privacy settings give you control over your data. You can manage the settings in a way that specific contacts can know that you are using the application.
  • The modified version of WhatsApp allows you to install themes of your choice and customize the interface which is not possible in the official application.
  • The DND mode available in WhatsApp FM enables you to use your phone without any notifications from WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp FM apk offers you a message delete mode that ensures the message remains in your phone even if the sender has deleted it from his end. The message will be present in your chat until you decide to delete it.
  • Customized themes help you change the overall look of the application.
  • You can send 100 files in one go with the WhatsApp FM version which is restricted to 30 files in the original application.
  • Forwarded labels will not appear on the message if you send a forwarded message to someone.


  • Since FM WhatsApp is a third-party application, there is no clarification if other third-party applications can access our data or not.
  • You will have to install WhatsApp FM again if your account gets banned.
  • Note that the application will receive no automatic updates. You will have to regularly check for fm WhatsApp updates and install them manually.
  • There are certain security risks present while using the application as it is not regulated by Meta.
  • Any bugs/issues are to be identified by the developers only. You can not report any issues with WhatsApp FM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp FM?

FM WhatsApp is an enhanced version of the well-known WhatsApp application. This modified version has better and more advanced features and options than the original version of the application.

Can I create a backup of my chats in FM WhatsApp?

Yes, FM WhatsApp allows you to create a backup of your chats. Do note that this backup can not be saved on one drive. You can save the backup on other cloud services or your mobile device.

Is it safe to download the FM WhatsApp apk?

Yes, the FM WhatsApp application is safe to use. However, we recommend you download the application from a trusted source only to ensure the safety and security of your device.

Can I use WhatsApp’s original version and FM WhatsApp alongside?

Yes, you can use the original WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp simultaneously without any issues.

How can I perform FM WhatsApp updates?

Please note that you are downloading the WhatsApp FM apk from a third-party website. Therefore, to download updates of the same, you will need to access a third-party website. Updates of the application are not available on the Google Play Store.

Is there any chance of getting FM WhatsApp banned?

Although the application is safe to use, it can get banned if not used properly. Therefore, we suggest you responsibly use the application and download WhatsApp FM latest version only.

Can I use the modified WhatsApp on multiple devices?

Unfortunately, the application is designed to be used on a single device. You can still use WhatsApp FM on your phone and computer with the right emulator.

What makes FM WhatsApp different from the original WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp offers extended features to improve the overall experience of the application for its users. It allows you to change the theme depending on your mood, send files of 700 MB to your contacts, and even translate messages to other languages to communicate with people from other communities as well.


Most people use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends, however, the application has some limitations. Those who are unsatisfied with the features available in the original version of WhatsApp can switch to FM WhatsApp which offers enhanced features like customization options, multiple themes, security features, and file sharing of size up to 700MB.

The FM WhatsApp latest version is compatible with popular Android phones like Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Mi, and Vivo. One thing that you need to make sure of is to download the FM WhatsApp apk from a known source only. Downloading the application from an unknown source can pose a threat to the information available on the device.